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From Television to VHS Cassette (USA)

I must take time out to tell you that when Anne of Green Gables first aired on PBS in the United States, I taped it. When the film came out on VHS cassette, I bought it. In the transfer, a few scenes were added, all of which are in the script on this website. The scenes added mostly concern Miss Josephine Barry, but there are others:

1. The scene after Anne returns home from saving Minnie May and before Anne goes to see Diana for the first time in a long time. In the scene, Anne says good morning to Marilla who tells her that Mrs. Barry had stopped by to see her.
2. The short "scene" after Anne is granted permission to go to the ball and before Matthew goes to the Lawson's Mercantile to buy Anne a dress. The scene is without script and shows Matthew walking up to the store and looking at the dress in the window.
3. The scene after Anne apologized to Miss Barry and before Anne is in the schoolhouse taking an exam. In the scene, Diana reads a letter to Anne that she received from Aunt Josephine.
4. The two scenes after Anne completes the Queens exam and before Anne and Diana say goodbye to Aunt Josephine. In these scenes, the girls are taken to see a matinee and when they return to Aunt Jo's they discuss it.
5. The scene where Anne's skiff springs a leak and she must climb under the bridge. In the television version, we do not see her paddle for the bridge; the scene ends when she suddenly sits up.
6. The two scenes after Anne leaves for school and before Anne is in class. In these scenes, Anne talks with Miss Barry and Anne gets a room in the boarding house.
7. The scene after Anne talks with Josie, Ruby, and Jane on campus and before Anne goes to deliver a note to Gilbert. In this scene, Anne and Miss Barry discuss school and Anne's "small circle of friends."

There was also one minuscule scene that was in the television airing that is not on the VHS cassettes. After Anne and Diana say good bye to Aunt Jo and before Anne and the girls play the Lily Maid, there is a scenic scene of the church and bells are gonging.

UK Version

Poor Brits! Anne fans in the United Kingdom were gyped--BIG time. Up until recently, they've only had access to a totally butchered version of the movie. You see, the distributers wanted it all to fit on one VHS tape. As a result, the movie suffered, as did many fans. Below is a list of scenes that were deleted. Fortunately for our British kindred spirits, the full length version* is now available at a reasonable price.

1. The scene when Anne is brought to Fairview Orphanage and registers with Mrs. Cadbury.
2. The scene when Anne first tries to pray.
3. The scene when Marilla is making dresses for Anne and Anne thinks they are too plain.
4. The subsequent scene when Anne fabricates the story about the amethyst brooch.
5. HORROR!! The scene when Anne first meets Gilbert at the three-legged race.
6. The scene where Anne and Diana are walking to school and Charlie Sloane, et. al. throw sticks and stones at them; and the subsequent scene with Mr. Sadler.
7. HORROR!! The scene when Anne is forced to sit next to Gilbert.
8. Mr. Phillip's announcement that he's leaving and the part, thus including the ridgepole scene.
9. The subsequent scene when Anne and Diana take the long way home through the "haunted" woods.
10. ALL scenes involving Aunt Josephine: jumping on her while she's sleeping, Anne's apology to her, staying at her house in Charlottetown, etc.
* The full version of Anne of Green Gables is missing one little scene, which is upsetting to the people who know about it. The scene is when Gilbert rescues Anne from under the bridge. He asks her, "What in heck are you doing?" and she responds, "Fishing for lake trout." Then Gil helps her into the boat. What is missing is Gil saying, "For lake trout?" and Anne nodding in response.

Australian Version

Although their original video version wasn't nearly as butchered as the old UK version, they did lose a number of scenes in trying to condense it to fit on one VHS tape. Aussies searching for a full version on tape should visit their local ABC store. Be sure to pick up the tape with the green cover.

1. The scene in the beginning at the Lynde house, when Mrs. Lynde sees Matthew driving by.
2. The subsequent scene when Mrs. Lynde visits Marilla to find out what's going on.
3. Much of the buggy ride to Green Gables is cut: After Anne says that she and Matthew will get along just fine, it cuts to other portions of their dialog, until they pull up and Anne walks up to the house saying, "I'm overwhelmed." The classic scenes when she names "The White Way of Delight" and "The Lake of Shining Waters," are among those cut!
4. The scene at Barry's pond when Anne and Diana talk about the race and Gilbert, and when Josie falls into the lake.
5. The shots of Anne and Diana roaming the fields together, as well as the scene when Gilbert watches them on the bridge.
6. The scene outside the school when Miss Stacey asks the students to come in to the school.
7. The scenes when Miss Stacey takes the class outside for a day trip (excercise, looking at plants, etc).
8. The scene when Anne reads "Ben-Hur" during geometry class, and the subsequent scene when she has to stay after class.
9. The next scene when Anne walk home with Miss Stacey. (This makes it interesting when Miss Stacey in a later, uncut scene says, "You always used to say, 'Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.'" When? Haha.
10. The shots of Anne and Diana roaming by the lighthouse.
11. The scene on Barry's pond when Diana reads a letter from Aunt Jo.
12. The scene at Aunt Jo's house (after the soprano scene) when they talk about noses and alabaster brows.
13. The scene at Lawson's Mercantile when Alice and Anne talk about the upcoming White Sands concert. (This makes it interesting in the next scene when Gil talks about Alice. Who?)


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