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  1. After Mrs. Hammond throws Anne's book into the stove, she pushes the HOT plate back in place with her hand! [contributed by Heidi, USA]
  2. When Anne, in the Hammond house, puts the baby on the counter, you can see that her apron strap is off her shoulder. But in the next view, it is nicely in place again. [contributed by Erin, USA]
  3. When Mrs. Hammond gives Anne the baby to hold, she starts to hand him to her with his head going to the left (to the right of Anne), yet in the next shot, the baby's head is to the right of Anne (on Anne's left).
  4. When Anne is about to go into the orphanage we see a sign that says Fairview Orphanage, but when Marilla is talking about getting an orphan, she says it's from the Hopeton Asylum. [contributed by Ashley and Sarah, USA]
  5. While Anne is waiting for Matthew at the Bright River Station and before the station master comes out, the screen pans from right to left. If you look in the window, you can see the movie camera being pushed by some fellow. [contributed by Tom, MA, USA]
  6. When Rachel is trying to find out what Matthew is up to, Marilla says that she doesn't mind when Matthew smokes his pipe, "so long as he smokes his pipe in the great outdoors," yet later on we see Matthew smoking his pipe in the house. [contributed by Jessica, CA, USA]
  7. On the carriage ride home from the station, Anne claims that her eyes are green, although they're clearly brown. [contributed by Sarah, USA]
  8. Right before Matthew and Anne come to the White Way of Delight, they are clearly driving through a meadow. How is there a patch of trees right in the middle of this open expanse? [contributed by Jessica, New Zealand]
  9. During the ride to Green Gables, the horse changes. If you look closely, the horse that trots through the White Wave of Delight is different from the horse that pulls the buggy when the first leave Bright River and when they arrive at Green Gables. [contributed by Izaskun, UK]
  10. When Anne first arrives at Green Gables, Marilla is taking off her apron as they are talking. When she starts walking to show Anne to her room, she is clutching the apron in her hands. As they round the corner to go up the stairs, the apron is draped over Marilla's forearm. [contributed by Clayton, USA]
  11. When Marilla shows Anne to her room for the night, Anne walks past Marilla and into the room. At that moment, the hat Anne is wearing brushes against Marilla's face. If you look at Colleen, you can see that she's trying desperately not to burst into laughter. [contributed by Kendra, USA]
  12. If Marilla and Matthew were expecting a boy, why was the room so completely pink? [contributed by Mindi] *** ANSWER ***: Sarah (from the USA) informs us that in the book, the boy was supposed to sleep on the couch, but as Anne was a girl, they put her in the spare bedroom.
  13. When Marilla waits in the carriage to take Anne back to Mrs Spencer, you can see that the flower on her hat is over her right ear. However, when she gets to the orphanage, the flower is over her left ear. [contributed by Michelle, Australia]
  14. Matthew says that he figures they'll hire "little Jerry Buote from the creek" to work for them. However, in Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, Jerry Buote is a grown man.
  15. Also, when Anne first gets in the carriage and says goodbye to Matthew, her hair is quite long with pinkish ribbons on her braids. At Mrs. Spencer's, her hair is much shorter and the ribbons on her braids are closer to grey. [contributed by Michelle, Australia]
  16. After Anne refuses to apologize to Mrs. Lynde and runs into the house saying, "Then you'll have to send me back," Matthew walks up to say, "Rachel Lynde deserves what she gets." How did he know what just happened?
  17. During the scene when Anne tells Marilla that she's ready to apologize to Mrs. Lynde, look at the milk jug. One minute it's pointing toward Matthew, the next it's pointing away from him. [contributed by Lisa, USA]
  18. In the scene after Anne apologizes to Rachel, Anne and Marilla are walking down a path. When Marilla shows Anne Berry Slope, there is a truck parked to the left of the house. [contributed by Chuck B, Cleveland, TN, USA]
  19. After Anne is accused of stealing the brooch, Marilla goes downstairs to leave and grabs her shawl. Matthew lets her know that the brooch is on her shawl. They both look down to see it and end up bumping heads. [contributed by Jennifer, USA]
  20. At the Sunday School Picnic, Anne meets Diana and they go get some cake. When they leave to get their cake, the Reverend and Mrs. Allen are sitting down to tea. However, after Anne and Diana get their cake, they go to the 3-legged-race and the Reverend and Mrs. Allen are there. [contributed by Meredith, USA]
  21. On Anne's first day of school, Mr. Phillips instructs the class to "memorize the dictation from yesterday." She was not in school the day before to hear and copy the dictation, nor does anyone give her a copy, yet she has her own copy! [contributed by Angela, USA]
  22. When Anne breaks "her" slate over Gil's head, it's really his slate, yet when Marilla asks her, "You really smashed your slate over that boy's head?" she says, "Yes."
  23. When Anne dies her hair, she locks Marilla out of the room. However, the lock was not there before when she first slept in the room, nor when she had to apologize. Granted, it may have been added when she "moved in," but in that time and era, that seems unlikely. [contributed by Megan, USA]
  24. Before Gil starts teasing Anne about her hair in school, we see Mr. Philips walk back to Prissy. When he passes the coat hooks, there are 2 jackets and 2 hats. After Anne smashes Gil's slate over his head, there are 2 jackets and 3 hats. [contributed by Tammie, USA]
  25. When Mr. Philips writes, "Ann Shirley has a very bad temper," on the board, he writes the S almost in print with a curve at the bottom. However, when Anne adds the E, you see the board close-up and the S is written in cursive. [contributed by Sarah, USA]
  26. When Anne dyes her hair green, she cannot wash the green out. Her hair is green almost to the roots in some places. However, when Marilla cuts her hair to chin length, there is no trace of green. [contributed by Amy, USA]
  27. When Anne and Diana are teased by Charlie Sloane and some other boys who throw things at them, Anne chases Charlie to Mr. Sadler's pasture. As Anne climbs the fence after him, it seems Megan Follows is stalling so that Anne is caught by Mr. Sadler. [contributed by Sarah and Bethany, USA]
  28. When Gil congratulates Anne for winning the spelling bee and she acknowledges him with a nod, Anne's hair is quite stragly and over both her shoulders. However, after she turns back around, pulling Diana with her, Anne's hair is nicely combed. [contributed by Hwan, USA]
  29. When Anne has Diana over for tea, Anne goes to the kitchen, sets up a tray of tea and cake to take into Diana. There are a few bloopers here:
    1: When she pours hot tea into the tea pot she hold the hot metal kettle with her bare hands. [contributed by Hwan, USA]
    2: When she picks up the tray, there are at most four peices of cake on the serving plate. However, when she offers them to Diana, there are over a dozen. [contributed by Hwan, USA]
    3: When Anne picks up the tray, the cake is on her left (our right) and the tea pot is on her right. However, right after she leaves the kitchen, the tray is turned around in her hands. [contributed by Jeannette, Germany]
  30. When Diana get sick and leaves, she stumbles through the woods trying to get home. Anne is right behind her at the fallen tree. Why can't she catch up with a sick, slow-moving Diana by the time she gets home? [contributed by Shannon, Ontario, Canada]
  31. After Diana throws up in the bush, she lies down on the ground. However, when we see her in the background of the next shot, she is still on her knees.
  32. Anne says to Marilla, "She had three glasses of it, but I didn't know it would set her drunk." However, Anne was not in the living room when Diana drank the Raspberry Cordial and was not able to tell exactly how many she had. [contributed by Kay, USA]
  33. On Miss Stacey's first day as a teacher, pay attention to Diana. When the camera films from behind, her hands are in her lap, and the strap around her books is draping over the edge of the desk. From the front, however, her hands are folded on her desk and the strap is around her wrist.
    *** NON-BLOOPER ***
    When Miss Stacey makes her speech on her first day, Anne pulls out pencil with an eraser attached. Many people tell me that they don't think that such pencils existed in the late 1800s; however they did. "The first patent for attaching an eraser to a pencil was issued in 1858 to a man from Philadelphia named Hyman Lipman. The patent by Hyman Lipman was later held to be invalid because it was merely the combination of two things, independently used." [From History of Pens & Writing Instruments]
  34. We are led to believe that the schoolhouse stands alone in the middle of the woods. However, when Miss Stacey reprimands Anne for reading Ben Hur during geometry class, you can clearly see buildings outside the windows behind Anne. [contributed by Meredith, USA]
  35. After Anne is seated for the Queens class, Diana walks past her and out of the door behind Anne. Yet, when Anne turns back, she looks out of the window to the left in the front of the room and watches Diana walk home. But she and Anne always walk to their houses in the opposite direction! [contributed by Janet and Nadia Gulam, Victoria, Australia]
  36. In the scene where Marilla leaves for the political rally, Anne kneels by the front window and looks out at the sleigh. When the camera is behind Anne, the lace curtains are pulled far apart (so you can see the sleigh outside). Yet when the camera shifts angles to Anne's right side, the lace covers the entire window area so that Anne has to pull the curtain aside to peer out!! [contributed by Melanie, USA]
  37. In this same scene, Anne seemingly has two perfect french braids in her hair. However, when she kneels by the front window and the camera views her from behind, her hair is in regular braids. [contributed by Claire, BC, Canada]
  38. In the scene when Anne and Diana run to help Minnie May, you see one of the girls' hair is flowing in the wind while they are running. However, Diana has her hair tucked in her hat and under her coat while Anne has her hair in a braid! [contributed by Judith, Rebekah & Rachel, GA, USA]
  39. In the scene where Minnie May is sick and the doctor arrives, his stethoscope is in his ears. When Anne tells him how relieved she is, the camera films the doctor and his stethoscpe is off. He isn't even moving like he just took it off! [anonymous contribution]
  40. When Anne plays the Lily Maid, she is given flowers to hold. The flowers are full and colorful. However, when we see them in her hand in the middle of the lake, they are sparse. [contributed by Peita, Australia]
  41. Inconsistancies abound when Anne's dory begins sinking. She is close to the bridge just before Anne dips into the water. Then the boat is in the same place when she sits up a few moments later. And then when we see her paddling for the bridge planks, the boat seems to have backed up once more.
  42. When Anne jumps out of the sinking dory, you can see that the piano cover is still stuck to her dress, draped across her thighs. However, when Gilbert comes to rescue her, the cover is gone. [contributed by Anna, GA, USA]
  43. After Gil rows Anne ashore (after saving her from her Lily Maid adventure) Anne's hair is much more wet than it was a few seconds earlier in the boat. [contributed by Sheri, Canada]
    PS: Her dress is completely dry! Nice and light, flowing in the breeze... [contributed by Esther, USA]
  44. When Anne walks in to Lawson's General Store to pick up her parcel, we see Alice at the counter, a parcel to her right, a roll of material infront of her, and some cut material. She and Anne discuss the upcoming White Sands recital. At one point, Alice turns to put a roll of material away on the shelf. At this time, there cut material is gone (where did it go?) and anothe roll of material has mysteriously appeared to Alice's left (Alice puts this roll away after Anne leaves).
    PS: Another thing... Isn't it odd that when Alice does put the material away (after Anne leaves), she puts the roll in nice and neatly, but then she takes it out to shake it, only to return it to the shelf with an end folded over? It's as if Sullivan wanted her to look busy.
  45. When Gilbert asks Anne to accompany him to the concert she states that she promised the Barry's that she would go with them, but when she is picked up to go to the concert the only Barry in the carriage is Diana. [contributed by Sarah, USA]
  46. When Anne returns home from Lawson's General Store and Marilla questions her about "being seen. . . with a young man," take a close look at Matthew's newpaper. Not only are the first and last pages exactly the same, but the inside pages are exactly the same, too!! [contributed by Amy, BC, Canada]
    PS: This page is also the same as the back page of the newspaper Anne reads the review from in Anne of Avonlea!!! [contributed by Melinda, USA]
  47. Not exactly a blooper, but fun to note: When Marilla stops to talk with Gilbert, you can see a bird fly by in the grass behind Gilbert (the part where he nods). [contributed by Jacqui, Australia]
  48. Before Anne leaves for the White Sands recital, she tells Marilla and Matthew that she'll look for them both at the concert. However, at the concert, only Marilla is present in the audience; Matthew never shows up. [contributed by Heidi, USA]
  49. Right after the recital, when Anne tries to catch Gilbert before he leaves, she walks out through a doorway that seems to lead to.... a pool? I don't think they had those back then! [contributed by Nichole, USA]
  50. When Anne goes to Queens, the building says "Queens College." Yet, everyone refers to it as "Queens Academy." [contributed by Del, Texas]
  51. When Anne and Diana are watching the sunset after the White Sands concert, Anne says, "We have sixteen years to our credit." Yet, one year later (after a year at Queens) Anne says, "I'm sixteen years old and just as stubborn as you are." How is she still 16? [contributed by Megan, USA]
  52. At Matthew's funeral, there is a woman who is holding flowers standing behind Diana. After Diana hugs Anne, you see the woman walk away without putting the flowers on the casket as a mourner should (why else would she be carrying flowers anyway?). [anonymous contribution]
  53. Not exactly a blooper: After Matthew's death, Anne is seen in a field. In the scene that immediately follows, Marilla is discussing Green Gables with Mr. Sadler and Anne is up in her room. Seems like more time elapsed than we are led to believe.
  54. Major timing problem: Near the beginning, Mrs. Hammond says that Anne's birthday is in March. The next time mark happens at the Christmas ball in Carmody in December. Diana says, "Three more years and I'll wear my hair up like Alice Bell...I'm going to wait until I'm eighteen." This establishes at that time, Anne and Diana are fifteen years old. That next March, Anne would turn sixteen. Anne is rescued by Gilbert and they talk about that same Christmas ball. He says, "Anne, that was over a year ago," which means that Anne would be nearing or already seventeen. It took one full year to get the Queens teaching certificate. That means that Anne would be eighteen by the end of the term. But at the end, Anne tells Marilla, "I'm sixteen years old and just as stubborn as you are." How could she still be sixteen? [contributed by Jenny, CA, USA]
    PS: This blooper continues into Anne 2 when a year later (one year has ellapsed between the movies, making Anne either 17 or 19, depending on which timeline you want to use), Rachel says that Anne is 18 (right before Diana's engagement party). [contributed by Sarah, IL, USA]

* More information on these scenes may be obtained from the Did You Know? section of this site.

Location-related Inconsistances in the Films

[contributed by Annalee, PEI]
  1. The barns in the films were all box-shaped & made of vertical board siding, which is common in Nova Scotia. However, on PEI they are all shingled with distinctive double-pitched roofs. I guess they couldn't find one in Ontario.
  2. Green Gables does not have shingles, whereas ALL old farmhouses in PEI do.
  3. The exposed foundation of Green Gables was grey granite or some other kind of rock, but ALL the older houses in PEI are founded with hand-dressed red sandstone.

[If you have any additions, let me know]


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